Weight Loss Diets – Good Dietary Reflexes

A few pounds less shape and more shape, it’s possible! Start a weight loss business now by adopting a light and balanced diet that will allow you to get back in shape while maintaining your tone.

Weight loss diet


Weight loss diet reflexes

Review your meal if necessary: ​​you will be able to lose weight much more easily with a well-distributed diet throughout the day. Adjust your meals to your lifestyle and schedule, but do not neglect breakfast and, above all, avoid skipping a meal: it is always a bad calculation, because we generally compensate with a scary snack for the line! Not to mention the empty passages and food imbalances that this entails.

Slimming food: eat everything … or almost!

Change your diet and make sure you eat (almost) everything, but in sufficient quantities to reduce calories while maintaining food safety.

For a typical day schedule:

  • At each meal 1 plate of fish or lean meat (or equivalent) about 100 g of pure,
  • At least 3 low-fat dairy products (skim milk, yogurt, low-fat cheese, etc.)
  • Unlimited fresh vegetables (seasonal, frozen or canned): eat them cooked, raw or in soup,
  • 2 to 3 fresh fruits a day (preferably choose the richest in vitamin C: kiwi, citrus, mango),
  • At each meal, either a slice of bread 30 g (or 3 to 4 tablespoons of cereal, without added sugar), or 120 g of plain potatoes, or cooked pasta, rice or legumes (a small ramekin),
  • 10 g butter (2 small hazelnuts) or a tablespoon of light cream + 1 tablespoon vegetable oil.

Light cooking

Reduce fat as much as possible. Use non-stick pans, microwave, pressure cooker (especially for steam). Think of the nipples, baking in the oven without adding fat. Decorate your dishes with herbs, spices and herbs, onions and onions, lemon juice … Learn how to treat them with a hint of creme fraîche with 15% fat or a little dehydrated sauce.

If you eat out, make the right choices. In the canteen or restaurant, it’s generally easy: you can almost always get a meat or a fish and vegetables (leaving the sauce), a yogurt and a fruit. If you eat on the go, have dinner. Or make yourself a homemade sandwich (with some bread, and a good portion of ham or lean meat) that you will accompany with a fruit. You will have the missing dairy product (yogurt, low-fat cheese or white cheese) as a snack or in the evening.

Diet: learn to try dishes

Try to eat more slowly : you will be better satisfied with your meal than if you consume at full speed and you will follow your weight loss program more easily. Also, remember about festive meals: taking the time to enjoy what is on your plate, you benefit more and eat less!

Decide, until the holidays, to be in the water, you will have all the time to enjoy good wines during the holidays at the end of the year … Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, preferably between meals. Double advantage: promote good elimination (important in a weight loss diet) and by eliminating any sugary or alcoholic beverages, you save calories.

Written by:

Anna Lorent

Dietitian Nutritionist

Medical Review: Dr. Jesus Cardenas, Medical Director Doctissimo, 05 May 2018

Updated on November 13, 2017

Weight Loss Diets – Good Dietary Reflexes
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