What happens to your body if you are deficient in food?

We often wonder where our pain comes from and how to fix it. Food and especially deficiencies have to do with it. From small details to more important health concerns, find out what causes physical ailments and what solutions are available to overcome these problems.


1. Pieces of chapped lips

When the corners of our lips are cracked, it is often due to a lack of vitamin B, iron or zinc. In practice, we find all these elements in foods such as salmon, the egg, the tuna fish, the seafood.

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2. Skin rashes

Very often, skin deficiencies can occur and cause reactions. High zinc deficiency can lead to rashes. To regain soft skin, do not hesitate to consume it beer yeast, dried fruit, Pumpkin seeds the dairy products.

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3. Hair loss

When you consume a little zinc, the consequences are many and can cause hair loss. In this case, the salmon, The lawyer, the cauliflower they will be your best friends. On the fruit side, raspberry and bananas it can also solve the problem.

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4. Red and white buttons

Lack of fatty acids, vitamin A and D can cause unsightly and painful pimples. We recommend that you increase your consumption of what is called “good fat”: salmon, dried fruitAnd. To boost vitamin A intake, carrots or the sweet potatoes they are ideal.

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5. Ants and ankylosis in the hands and feet

Having rigid or numb arms and legs can become a real ordeal. Often due to lack of vitamin B. spinach, the asparagus, the beans, the eggs and many seafood.

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6. Cramps and leg pain

Leg cramps and pain are often caused by a diet low in potassium, calcium or magnesium. Fortunately, there are many everyday foods made from them: bananas, apples, cherry or the dried fruit As the hazel and almonds.


7. Very tired

If your sleep is not a problem, but you feel constantly exhausted, the cause may be due to a lack of vitamin D. Exposure to the sun is a radical solution, you can also consume some »cod liver oil the soy drinks.

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8. Anxiety

If you feel anxious, do not hesitate to increase your vitamin B intake. spinach, the asparagus, the beans and eggs. If you are a fan of it seafood, the oysters, the mussels, the octopus and mussels will be your allies in eliminating stress.

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9. Burning sensation

In addition to causing stress, a lack of vitamin B can also cause a burning sensation. To avoid this, favor it green vegetables As the asparagus and spinach, or legumes like beans, which are full of vitamin B.


10. Depression

In addition to being overworked, vitamin D deficiency can be more significant and can lead to depression. The recipe for such an effect is consumptioncod liver oil, soy drinksfrom troutfrom beef liver or from salmon.

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11. Sweaty forehead

It’s hard to believe have enough sun exposure sweat, but it’s true! Once again, vitamin D deficiency affects our body and can make our foreheads sweaty.

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12. Bone pain

If you have bone or muscle pain, it may be due to vitamin D deficiency again. Watch your diet and try expose to the sun in order to avoid this problem.


13. Erectile dysfunction

Deficiencies can both affect men’s performance. Vitamin D deficiency is often the source and causes many side effects that vary from person to person. To avoid erectile dysfunction, watch out for vitamin D and spend time in the sun.

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14. Insufficient immune system

As you can see, vitamin D is essential. Lack weakens the body and often weakens the defenses. Better to strengthen your defense with simple moves, such as sun exposure or consumption soy sauces or from salmon.

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15. Bleeding

If you have bleeding gums, digestive tract or heavy periods, vitamin K2, A or C deficiency may be the cause. Consume more dairy products andfish oils. For vitamin A, it is found in carrots or the eggs, and for vitamin C, it will be yellow peppers, the parsley or the kiwi.

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16. Irregular heartbeat

The solution to heart problems is not necessarily in medication. Consider getting enough magnesium and food green leafy vegetables, Seaweed, beans, nuts and seeds.

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18. Mood swings

Do you go from tears to laughter? Maybe because you don’t have vitamin B12. It is specifically located at meat and dairy products. For vegans, turn to natural supplements.

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19. Apathy

Sudden apathy is not insignificant and is often caused by vitamin B12 deficiency: consider your diet. meat and dairy products will help with this problem.

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20. Impossible tooth enamel

Teeth can break down during a significant vitamin A deficiency. Foods in which they are found fatty fish such as herring, mackerel, sardines or butter, the cheeses and eggs.


21. Digestive problems

Vitamin A deficiency can also cause digestive problems. The spinach, the fennel, the green cabbage They are also foods high in vitamin A. Try to eat them regularly to reduce pain.

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22. Decreased visual acuity

If vitamin A did not cause dental or digestive problems, it may have affected your eyesight. If you prefer fruit, that’s it apricots, the melons and yellow peaches which will increase the level of your vitamin A.


23. Osteoporosis

Bone fragility is more common in women, but the solution is well known. Enhance iron intake with dairy products, the fish, the oilseeds (for example sunflower or sesame).

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24. Kidney problems

Bone fragility is not the only consequence of calcium deficiency. For kidney problems, the problem may be calcium, which is found in legumes, the nuts, the green vegetables.

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25. Chlorinate the skin and mucous membranes

For skin and mucosal problems, iron is often the cause. The Red meat is the first solution, but you can also consume legumes, breads and whole grains.

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26. Acne

When you have acne problems, it doesn’t necessarily happen for no reason, it may be due to zinc deficiency. They are found in large quantities in oysters, the Red meat and Sesame.

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27. Small white spots on the nails

Zinc deficiency can also cause nail stains. Zinc is found in legumes and to nuts, Do not hesitate to add them to your plate if you notice such white spots on your nails.


28. Lack of appetite

If you have a low appetite, zinc may be the reason again. Try to enter it Red meat Eating can help restore your appetite. If you are not a fan of red meat, decorate your dishes Sesame


29. Dry skin

Dry skin is often caused by a lack of vitamin D. Try to expose to the sun and I eat salmon Before you think about creams, these are the best solutions to see vitamin D levels soar and so solve skin problems.

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30. Insomnia

Insomnia can be a real ordeal. The solution is not always in the pharmacy. You may be missing magnesium. They are located in green leafy vegetables, the seafood, the beans, the cocoa or even Brazil nuts.

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31. Muscle spasms

Muscle spasms, such as swollen eyelids, are sometimes accompanied by insomnia. It is for nothing, as it also comes from a lack of magnesium. Pay attention to your diet and introduce the right foods (beans, seafood).

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32. Irritability

Again, irritability can be caused by a significant magnesium deficiency. The solution can be found on your plate if you are careful (green leafy vegetables, Brazil nuts). If problems persist, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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What happens to your body if you are deficient in food?
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