What is a ketogenic diet called “keto”?

Do you know the ketogenic diet? Popular in the US, this new method is attractive. Dietitian-nutritionist Magali Valkovic explains the reasons for this success.

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The ketogenic diet (“keto” in English) is growing. If it is currently little known, the method is gaining popularity every day. One of its main advantages: it is very easy to understand and learn. First of all, it is about reducing carbohydrate intake, that is, expelling sugar, starchy foods, some vegetables and almost all fruits such as bananas, apples or orange. At the same time, we will be proud of good fats, in particular TCM (medium chain triglycerides), such as coconut oil or coconut. On the protein side, we remain at normal levels. The result is major changes to the body. “The keto diet changes the body’s fuel to function. While she usually uses glucose absorbed sugar, there she will use fats called ketone bodies, “explains Magali Valkovic *. During prison, why not test this diet a little more soothing than the others. But be careful. we only start if we do not suffer from orthorexia and with the approval of a doctor.

The effect of the keto mode on the silhouette

The more sugar we consume, the higher the blood sugar level and the more the body releases insulin to regulate it. As a result, excess is stored and weight gain begins. “As this method consumes less sugar, this phenomenon does not occur. Therefore, we can choose to maintain our weight or lose weight, ”our nutritionist explains. The effects of the skin are also felt: “After a few weeks, there is a decrease in cellulite and water retention, but also less acne and less fine lines. “

The therapeutic benefits of a ketogenic diet

Originally designed to treat epilepsy and then abandoned with the advent of certain drugs, the ketogenic diet makes it possible to slow down the symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. The method also reverses type 2 diabetes. Cancer cells also love sugar. They have less to eat with ketone.

Its features

If you make you lose weight fast, this diet does not prohibit fatty foods or flavors, two basic criteria that seduce its followers. Thus, the exclusion of certain highly prized products such as bread, starchy foods and sugar in all its forms is not necessarily delayed. As Magali Walkovich explains to us: “The advantage is that this method allows the palate to get used to and recover after ten days, as in a diet without salt. In fact, we are quickly gaining new and better eating habits. “

Her star foods

We give great pride to good fats, with coconut oil, olive oil and duck fat, very useful for the cardiovascular system. On the omega-3 side, we choose small fat fish (less contaminated than the rest) such as sardines, mackerel, cod liver, herring and anchovies. And among the leading foods are oilseeds. “It is important to consume all varieties of nuts because each has its own nutritional profile,” the nutritionist said. Finally, we prefer vegetables with the lowest carbohydrates such as mushrooms, salad and cabbage; spices and aromatic herbs that provide low carbohydrates are rich in antioxidants and give aroma. “We also do not forget to salt our meals because it is a diet that keeps insulin levels very low and in response the kidneys reject more sodium. So you have to compensate, “explains Magali Walkovic. His advice? Take cognac or soy pasta and rice, make vegetable taggers, and replace traditional flour with coconut flour, flax, almond, lupine or hazelnuts.

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Typical daily menus

To make it clearer, here are four main courses for Magali Valkovic’s keto diet.


1 green tea or 1 coffee with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 eggs and 1 handful of almonds.


1 avocado, 1 packet of mackerel fillet in olive oil, broccoli covered with sliced ​​almonds, 1 slice of cheese or 1 square dark chocolate.


1 tea or 1 coffee with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 “fat bomb” (a small ball made of coconut oil, coconut milk, hazelnut powder and melted dark chocolate).


1 miso soup (pure soy), a few squares of mushrooms and tofu, 1 Greek salad (unlimited green salad, 150 grams of tomato or cucumber, black olives, goat cheese and olive oil), 50 grams of red fruits.

To go further

-We read Magali Valkovic’s two bibles: “30 Vegetarian Keto Dishes” and “100 Keto Foods Optional”, both from Thierry Souccar’s editions.

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What is a ketogenic diet called “keto”?
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