What is the ketogenic diet also called “keto”?

Do you know the ketogenic diet? Popular in the United States, this new method is attractive. Dietitian-nutritionist Magali Walkowicz explains the reasons for this success.

The ketogenic diet (“keto” in English) is increasing. If it is currently little known, the method is gaining popularity every day. One of its main advantages: it is very simple to understand and assimilate. First of all, it is a matter of reducing carbohydrate intake, that is, banning sugar, starchy foods, certain vegetables and almost all fruits such as bananas, apples or oranges. At the same time, we will be proud of good fats, especially TCM (medium chain triglycerides) such as coconut or coconut oil. In terms of protein, we remain in normal amounts. The result is great changes for the body. “With this diet, the body changes the fuel in operation. While it is usually based on glucose, the digested sugar there will use fats called ketone bodies, “explains Magali Walkowicz *. During childbirth, why not try this diet a little more soothing than the others. we only start if we do not suffer from orthorexia and with the approval of a doctor.

The action of the vertical keto on the silhouette

The more sugar we consume, the higher the blood sugar level and the more the body secretes insulin to regulate it. As a result, excess is stored and weight gain begins. “Since this method consumes less sugar, this does not happen. So we can choose to keep …

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What is the ketogenic diet also called “keto”?
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