Where to Find Vitamin B12 in Foods?

Vitamin B12 is one of the vitamins we hear more and more about. In fact, with a vegan diet, reduced meat consumption or bariatric surgery increasingly important, this vitamin tends to be deficient for a portion of the population. Vitamin, which is essential for the proper functioning of our brain, in particular, how to find it in our diet?
Discover foods where Vitamin B12 is is the most common in the diet.

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Sushi: Vitamin B12 is found in abundance in some foods.

Vitamin B12, also called Kobalamin, is one of the 8 B vitamins. the proper functioning of our brain and nervous system, this vitamin is not produced by any plant or animal. In fact, it is fungi, bacteria or even microalgae that produce vitamin B12 and pass it on to animals, and then to humans, through food. Therefore, the plants do not contain any.

Roles in the organization

  • Role in the nervous system : Vitamin B12 is involved in the production of the myelin sheath, which protects the nerves and optimizes their function,
  • It is involved in the formation of red blood cells : The production of red blood cells requires adequate uptake of certain substrates, major iron, vitamin B12 and folates. This need is also increased during pregnancy when blood flow is multiplied for the baby’s needs.,

Disadvantages and specific modes

a Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemia. The main characteristic of this anemia is the size of the red blood cells, which is increasing. We call it macrocytosis.

Vegans / Vegans

As part of a vegan diet that excludes any animal food (meat, fish, etc.) or the exploitation of animals (eggs, milk, honey, etc.), it is strongly recommended that her vitamin B12 be monitored for Avoid disadvantages. This is less with a vegetarian diet that includes some foods such as dairy or eggs, for example, that provide cobalamin.

Other cases of possible disadvantages

A deficit may also occur in the elderly which reduce the consumption of meat by taste, difficulty chewing or due to gastric pathology.

This deficit may also occur with people undergoing bariatric surgery (reduction / deletion of the stomach), because it is the stomach that absorbs vitamin B12.

In the context of diets excluding animal products or under age-related deficiencies or bariatric surgery, supplementation in the range of 125 to 500 μg will then be required., Take your doctor’s advice.

What are the nutritional recommendations?

The Western diet conditionally provides 3 to 30 µg of vitamin B12 per dayThe recommended dietary intake of this vitamin ranges from 2.5µg and 5 μg per day.

Please note: Vitamin B12 is water-soluble and sensitive to light and heat. It is therefore important to give preference to short cooking times and to protect the food from light.

Which foods are most rich in vitamin B12?

meat: organic meats (liver, kidney, etc.), duck terrine, beef

Fish and mussels: salmon deer, mussels, octopus, oysters, anchovies, mussels, herring, sardines, crabs, mackerel, tuna

sea ​​grass : Burrows of algae, spirulina


In meat and eggs

food Vitamin B12 content per 100g
Kidneys, lamb, boiled 79 µg
Liver, lamb, boiled 60 µg
Liver, veal, boiled 52,6 µg
Offal, cooked 21,4 µg


food Vitamin B12 content per 100g
Canned salmon egg 48,6 µg
anchovy 20,9 µg
Mackerel, roasted / roasted 19 µg
Anchovy, marinated 15,3 µg
Herring, grilled / fried 14 µg
Sardine in olive oil 13,7 µg

Crustaceans and algae

food Vitamin B12 content per 100g
Klam, boiled / boiled in water 39,5 µg
Dried or dehydrated Nori 38,8 µg
Octopus, cooked 36 µg
oyster 28,6 µg
molds 19,3 µg
Crabs, crumbs and peeled feet 13,5 µg


  • Sweet omelette and fruit
  • Egg and toast
  • Spirulina, kiwi and banana puree


  • Beef steak and white beans
  • Paella from the sea (shrimp, mussels, squid)

Evening meal

  • Sarleti relays, salad and cereal
  • Mackerel of shrimp and tuna, miso soup
  • A slice of grilled liver and basmati rice
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Where to Find Vitamin B12 in Foods?
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