Why are some people always cold?

Cold sores in the winter are quite normal. But when it gets cold all the time, even when it’s hot, it becomes abnormal. Where does this extreme cold come from? And how to fix it?

Thyroid dysfunction

The almost permanent feeling of a cold may be due to one of the thyroid dysfunctions: hypothyroidism. This butterfly-shaped gland no longer produces adequate thyroid hormones and can no longer regulate internal temperature. If this happens, the cold is accompanied by intense fatigue, dry skin and weight gain. It is best to consult a doctor without delay.

Body and fatigue

Our body needs a minimum of fuel to function properly and regulate its temperature to 37 °. When it is difficult to warm up, it can be a sign that you are not feeding your body well enough, especially if you are tall and thin. In winter, the body needs to burn more calories to fight the cold, this can also highlight this imbalance. It is therefore important to follow a balanced diet with adequate intake of slow sugar and fat. Similarly, when one is very tired, the body enters a state of “sleep.” It then produces less energy and of course lowers body temperature. Hence the feeling that you are always cold. Only tips to follow in this case: rest to regain strength.


Anemia is a lack of hemoglobin in the blood due to a lack of iron or vitamin B12. In addition to being constantly cold, our skin is pale, we have headaches and we breathe quickly with the slightest effort. If anemia is confirmed, you should supplement with iron and vitamin B with foods such as red meat, black pudding, beans, legumes or fish.

Poor blood circulation

Is it the constant feeling of composure that is found at the extremities? Is it accompanied by symptoms such as numbness, tenderness and light blue coloration? This disorder may be related to a problem with blood circulation. In fact, the heart cannot draw enough blood to carry it to the tips of the feet and hands. It is then possible to rejuvenate the bloodstream by taking foot baths at 40 °.

And if you don’t have that, how do you fight the cold? We stay as active as possible to activate the circulation and cover the ends well (especially in winter).

By Marie Lesbats

Why are some people always cold?
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